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English-Hungarian Interpretation and Translation

Consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, escort interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)
Business, trade, industry, science, healthcare

Meetings, presentations, training courses, conferences

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


Since the pandemic, a new demand has emerged, to which now there are several platforms available to provide a solution with remote interpretation. Interpreters can remotely connect to online multilingual meetings and conferences from anywhere in the world and provide simultaneous interpretation to the audience, so these events can be held regardless of geographical location, without travel costs. I am a KUDO-certified interpreter, which means that I have the technical background and the skills to provide remote interpreting services.



Based in Budapest, Hungary, I am a professional interpreter and translator between English and Hungarian with an original degree in bioengineering.  With over ten years of experience, I assist small businesses and large enterprises to communicate in business meetings, trade, industrial or healthcare settings, scientific conferences, corporate training programs.  The pandemic has raised the need for remote interpretation. I am a KUDO certified interpreter, ready to provide remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) service in online multilingual meetings and conferences anytime, anywhere in the world, using KUDO's platform or any other platforms suitable for RSI. I believe preparation for each individual job is essential to the success of good interpretation. In addition, I use my positive attitude, helpfulness, and sense of empathy to help participants communicate effectively, quickly, and smoothly despite their language barriers.


Team Meeting

Consecutive interpretation

In business or trade meetings, presentations, training sessions, the speaker pauses after a few sentences and waits until the interpreter interprets the speech to the other participant(s).


Simultaneous interpretation

In large conferences, interpreters sit in a booth listening to the speaker through a headphone and interpret simultaneously, with just a short delay, into a microphone. The audience can listen to the interpretation through earphones. Simultaneous interpretation requires special skills, great preparation, and highly focused attention.

Construction Worker

Interpretation in industrial settings

The interpreter works on a plant, near the production lines, being available in three shifts if necessary, and helps solve any emerging issues or problems by interpreting between the multilingual staff and the management.

Man Typing on a Laptop

Technical translation

The translator translates the documents, papers, articles, etc. of a special technical area from the source language to the target language making sure that it is equivalent to the original text not only linguistically but also in terms of the professional content.

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